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COR•REC Business Management Platform

Introducing COR•REC, your all-in-one business management platform. It's where business software solutions come to work as one. Our team of dedicated developers and entrepreneurs is constantly adding new features and integrations to COR•REC, all inspired by the challenges and opportunities YOU face every day.

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    COR•REC Works with most older hardware and the latest Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® operating systems.

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    Administration control for user accessibility of all major aspects and overall system behavior. Available in all versions.

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    A clean, uncluttered, user-controlled workspace with application based documentation.

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    Plug-in Support

    Add additional software solutions developed by CORGROUP® LLC and associate developers.

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    Information from a single source is available though out the COR•REC system allowing the delivery of a consistent message to customers and teams alike.

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    Automated user initiated software update support.

Available Plugins

COR•REC Accounting Software

What You Get!


COR•REC is an ever-expanding business software solutions platform.

  • Compatibility with Windows and macOS.
  • A clean uncluttered user-controlled workspace.
  • Application-based help documentation.
  • Plug-in Support - Add additional software solutions.
  • Automated user-initiated software update support.
  • Administration Control - User accessibility for all major aspects and system behavior.
  • Open any number of workspaces and views.

Account Receivable

Account Receivable is accurate and consistent. Create invoices with optional insertions and format settings per unlimited customer.

  • An unlimited number of client records - organized alphabetically.
  • Print and Email invoices with your company logo to your customers.
  • Invoice layout management per account. Four base layouts to choose from.
  • Terms may be defined for each client and easily modified as needed.
  • Create default messages for each client or add a note on the fly.
  • Account receivable schedules. Create any number of selectable alternate receivable schedules.
  • An unlimited number of predefined invoice line item types.
  • Disbursement schedule per invoice item. Simple to nuanced disbursement per line item.
  • Retain invoices - Build invoices over time. Add, edit, then post when ready.
  • A System supplied and managed custom account number credit system.
  • Review invoice and credit history by date-specific period.
  • Generate reports: Statement, AR aging reports.
  • Add earned credits as invoice line items.
  • Add cash credits as applied cash.
  • Apply cash on account. Create deposits seamlessly.
  • Continually calculate sales tax and sales liability.
  • Promotions, coupons, rebates tracking.
account receivable

Account Payable

Account Payable has everything you need to handle your payables with ease. Information flows effortlessly throughout your chart of accounts as you enter and issue checks and debit payables.

  • An unlimited number of vendor records - organized alphabetically.
  • Review and track a vendor's payment history by date-specific period.
  • Easy entry system. Maintain frequently used vendor/schedule associations.
  • Payable schedules with any number of impacted accounts, disburse 1%-100% per account.
  • Payable schedules with error detection.
  • Advanced payment scheduling and review.
  • Batch expense schedule creation.
  • Automatic payment due alerts and reminders eliminating late fees and interest charges.
  • Duplicate transaction options for repeat payable. Allow for extended dating across report periods.
  • Credit, debit, and check entry.
account payable

General Ledger

The General Ledger system allows for generating, managing, and reporting a chart of accounts. We'll start you off with the basics and then offer you the ability to customize your General Ledger to meet your unique business needs and future changes.

  • Multiple industry charts relevant to your business type are provided at the startup.
  • Flexible unlimited number COAs with user-defined numbering and unique value test to prevent duplication.
  • Modify accounts without losing transaction associations.
  • Reorder COA accounts without losing transaction associations with drag and drop support.
  • Organize and group accounts using categories/subcategories.
  • Budget creation with audit-based reporting.
  • User-defined general ledger direct entry with tracking.
  • Multiple balance sheet report formats – control level of detail.
  • COA selectable audit reporting system. Perform reports the way you need them.
  • Schedule, manage and track account types such as loans, investments, fixed assets, and depreciation.
  • Review detailed information on transactions.
general ledger


Account Finance keeps track of all your bank transactions so you can easily reconcile your bank statement. Track any number of checking, savings, credit card, payroll, or investment accounts with automatic updates to your balances and chart of accounts.

  • An unlimited number of Finance Accounts. View and switch freely between accounts.
  • Administrative account management.
  • Transaction view management.
  • Finance schedule creation.
  • Reconciliation of bank statement. Review and edit prior reconciliations.
  • Track unlimited checking, savings, cash, payroll, pension fund, credit card, investment accounts, etc., with automatic updates to your balances and chart of accounts.
  • Create and Manage direct financial transactions.
  • Check issuing, printing, and renumbering with on-the-fly check modifications of notes.
  • Multiple check format selections.
  • Balance adjustments.
  • Snapshot balance reporting.
  • Review transaction detail.
  • Selectable currency type.
  • Staged transaction voiding depending on transaction disbursement.
  • View lists as needed with temporary sort options.

Report Periods

Manage and structure the flow of funds through a report period system. Movement audit reporting for any date period. Receive source information such as the date, time, entry person, and any associated account. Create yearly, monthly, and quarterly Accounting Report Periods to generate reports as needed. Set closing dates to prevent user error data entry. Closing your books may be generated using any period date to and date from with quick adjustment entry and auto calculation.

  • Report Period Categories. Group report periods, weekly, monthly, quarterly, daily...
  • Report period set creation. Directly create weekly, monthly and quarterly sets or individual report periods.
  • Automatically set or manually close individual report periods.
  • Initiate balance calculation using any date to and from with quick adjustment entry and auto calculation.
  • Flexible account period reporting. Select any number of report periods to create and print reports.
  • Multiple audit report format, a single tree or a debit/credit split tree format.
  • View activity in a selected account.
  • Transactions specific information is added for clarity. A transactions date created, date modified, who entered it, and its complete disbursement.
  • User error entry protection. Prevent the most common data entry error of inputting the incorrect date.
report period


Manage access and global preferences.

  • User management.
  • All versions allow for multiple user logins.
  • Administrators can easily create user login and password accounts.
  • Set user parameters.
  • Allow user administration functions.
  • Allow or restrict access to all facets available: finance, receivable, payable, COA, and system functions.
  • Get login status.
  • Block accounts.
  • Printing Manage the positioning of fixed report formats.
  • Updates Install new software. Updates current COR•REC application.

COR•REC Accounting Software, built for both Windows and macOS, offers three versions:

  1. Free Single-user Version
    1. No Data Restrictions
    2. Purchasable support packages
  2. Single-user
    1. Continuous updates
    2. Purchasable support packages
    3. Ability to add additional business functionality extending COR•REC integrated business system
  3. Enterprise version provides a multi-user server or cloud-based solution.
    1. The enterprise version has all the functionality of the single-user version, along with an extensive audit system and installation, training, and direct support options.

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Inventory Software

COR•REC Inventory Management

It is not just a list of stuff. Inventory features include but are not limited to inline calculation, weights and measure conversion, [grams, kilos, pounds, ounces, milliliters....], batch control, in-depth organization system. It includes a notification system, cataloging, the list goes on. Paired with our purchase order system and or shipping, you will benefit from the power of system integration. Spreadsheets are superior to pencil and paper but, maintenance is a nightmare. Integrated systems do the lion's share of the management. Saving time translates into improved productivity, and that is what business software solutions should be all about.

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